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Cubemania was the first game I worked on at EADania, it was made in GameMaker. The goal of the game was to get through the level by using your Cube.
I worked on the core mechanics, like picking up the Cube, using force to pull the cube towards the player.

Gameplay Video

Zombie Slayer

Zombie Slayer was a school project we work on in 2015. It was made in Windows Forms with GDI+
The game is a endless shooter where you shoot zombies to earn money which you can then use to upgrade your character.
I worked on the weapon system and some of the core system.

Gameplay Video

Poop Problems

Poop Problems was the first game I worked on in Monogame. The assignment was to make a game from 3 words we got. This was our groups result.
I worked on the setting up the core engine in Monogame, physics of the balls and the splitting of balls.

Gameplay Video


First year exam project. Released on Itch.io made in Monogame.
I worked on setting up the engine, physics of the ball, power ups and some other underlying systems.

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First networked project. The goal of the game was to make a coop dungeon crawler where you can choose between classes and have different abilities
I worked on some gameplay elements but mostely on the server and communication between client and server.

Gameplay Video

Skejby Driver 2016

First Unity project I worked on. The project was a client assignment from Region Midt Center for E-Learning. The goal was to make a safe environment, where the operators at Skejby hospital who have to get a driving license due to new regulations, can learn to drive the electric vehicles they use at the hospital.
I worked mostly on the driving mechanics and ragdoll physics but also on the pasue menu.

Gameplay Video

Tmplet & Zombie Shooter

This was a game made as a proof of concept for a Unity framework made for Mynster Entertainment. The framework contained alot of the systems that are normally used in gamedev projects like objectpooling and a highscore system.

Gameplay Video

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