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Cubemania was the first game I worked on at EADania, it was made in GameMaker. The goal of the game was to get through the level by using your Cube.
I worked on the core mechanics, like picking up the Cube, using force to pull the cube towards the player.

Gameplay Video

Zombie Slayer

Zombie Slayer was a school project we work on in 2015. It was made in Windows Forms with GDI+
The game is a endless shooter where you shoot zombies to earn money which you can then use to upgrade your character.
I worked on the weapon system and some of the core system.

Gameplay Video

Poop Problems

Poop Problems was the first game I worked on in Monogame. The assignment was to make a game from 3 words we got. This was our groups result.
I worked on the setting up the core engine in Monogame, physics of the balls and the splitting of balls.

Gameplay Video


First year exam project. Released on made in Monogame.
I worked on setting up the engine, physics of the ball, power ups and some other underlying systems.

Gameplay Video


First networked project. The goal of the game was to make a coop dungeon crawler where you can choose between classes and have different abilities
I worked on some gameplay elements but mostely on the server and communication between client and server.

Gameplay Video

Skejby Driver 2016

First Unity project I worked on. The project was a client assignment from Region Midt Center for E-Learning. The goal was to make a safe environment, where the operators at Skejby hospital who have to get a driving license due to new regulations, can learn to drive the electric vehicles they use at the hospital.
I worked mostly on the driving mechanics and ragdoll physics but also on the pasue menu.

Gameplay Video


Little pet project I have been working on. Mostly to have fun, but also to increase my skills in C# and art.


Use W/A/S/D or arrow key to fly
Use space to shoot

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